About me

About me

I decided to write everything I wanted to say about me to a blog post to keep the homepage clean and short. So this is the blog post. (WIP currently, will add more stuff later)


who even you

Hi again! I am Damir Modyarov. I am currently a student and I am living in Moscow, Russia. My "woke pronoun" is he/they btw.

I am a developer since primary school. I got gifted a book called "Computer Coding for Kids" by Carol Vorderman (russian version) in like 3rd grade, which was about coding in Scratch and Python, so Python became my first real programming language. (I created a few games in Scratch and some "websites" using no-code templates before, but that doesn't really count)

Since then I learned a lot of languages, created a lot of projects (the old ones are closed-source cuz their code really really sucks), re-learned Python during a cosurse by Yandex, won several coding competitions and met a lot of cool people.

Now my primary specialisation is Full-stack Web Development™ with my favourite stack - Next.js, RSC, TypeScript and TailwindCSS. I also do UI design, mobile dev (React Native or Kotlin + Compose) and Telegram/Discord bots in Python/TS/Rust from time to time.

Daily tools


  • Poatato PC:
    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 Pro 3200GE OEM
    • RAM: Samsung DDR4 2666 DIMM 8+8
    • GPU: Built-in Vega 8, it sucks ass 😿
  • Tablet: Microsoft Surface Go 3 i3-10100Y/8GB
  • Phone: Realme 9 Pro 6/128
  • VR: Oculus Quest 3 128GB


I use JetBrains IDEs for working on projects and Fleet or Vim when I need a lightweight editor. I currently have GitHub Student Pack, so previously mentioned apps are free for me, but when it'll end, I'll totally buy the Full JetBrains pack!

Cool things I've found

Favourite personal websites (Inspro)